Kale Spanakopita from the Crossroads Cookbook

These vegan kale spanakopita bites are a unique spin on traditional spanakopita, and assembled in individual cigar shapes, they’re a fantastic holiday appetizer. The kale spanakopita tastes lovely on its own, but to kick it up a notch further, serve it with harissa sauce. Before I get to the recipe, a cookbook review!

Vegan Kale Spanakopita from the Crossroads Cookbook | yupitsvegan.com. A review of this stunning vegan cookbook and recipe for flaky, decadent kale and "ricotta" spanakopita by Chef Tal Ronnen!

A few weeks ago I received a copy of Tal Ronnen‘s new Crossroads cookbook. I’m familiar with his work as one of the co-founders of Kite Hill, one of the best vegan cheese products available in my area. But being pretty firmly planted on the East Coast of the USA at the moment means that I have yet to have the fortune of dining at the famous Crossroads restaurant. I have heard nothing but raves about the restaurant and visiting it (among others) as part of a vegan tour of LA is definitely something for my bucket list.

The first thing I will mention right off the bat is that this cookbook is absolutely stunning. This would make an excellent addition to any coffee table. The book is full of beautiful full-size, full-color pictures on glossy, high-quality paper, with a sturdy and professional hardcover binding. More so than any other cookbooks I have reviewed on this site, the craftmanship of the book brings it to a level beyond its contents. For that reason I think it would make an excellent holiday gift for a loved one.

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