Vegan Meals Delivered: Fresh n’ Lean Review

Fresh n' Lean Vegan Meal Delivery Review |

(Psst: new recipes, and Thailand pictures, coming soon! But today, a review of Fresh n’ Lean vegan meal delivery service.) As I have mentioned, probably ad nauseam, things have been very busy for me at my day job, in addition to a few weekends spent traveling and some personal life changes as well. These things have left me with less time to play around in the kitchen (seriously, those of you who are parents, I do not know how you do it). I have been favoring really simple, easy meals, generally with a less refined flavor than the recipes you find on my site. I am still eating plenty of veggies and a pretty balanced diet, but it isn’t always glamorous.

I am also currently living by myself so all of the cooking and cleaning and meal planning (and eating!) duties fall to me and it can be overwhelming at times! I am a big believer in mostly avoiding processed food* and sticking with a whole-foods-centric, always-plant-based diet. Sometimes that means that a food option that would otherwise be convenient and even cheap, is something that I pass over. I am aware that the restrictions I put on my own diet can occasionally contribute to having a more difficult time with things, but to me it’s completely worth it. *I do however, always keep Trader Joe’s vegan frozen meals stocked in my freezer :).

I say these things because I want to be honest with you about where I have been at with my eating habits and cooking, in hope that it will lend some more credence to the following review. A little while ago, Fresh n’ Lean contacted me asking if I would like to review their plant-based meal delivery service. Given all of the things I mentioned above, it seemed like the perfect time for me to try out a healthy meal delivery program and assess the costs and benefits. Following is a short overview of Fresh n’ Lean, pictures (most taken with my phone – sorry!) and descriptions of some of the meals I tried, and my personal opinion of the value, pros and cons of the service.

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