Brussels Sprout Banh Mi with Spicy Mango Sauce

Brussels Sprout Banh Mi with Spicy Mango Sauce | Vegan banh mi sandwiches stuffed with crispy roasted Brussels sprouts, a simple mango sriracha sauce, and tons of fresh veggies.

The idea for a Brussels sprout banh mi sandwich is one that I’ve head in my head forever and a half, but just now got around to making. First I was using my Brussels sprouts for something else (namely, beer-battering and deep frying them); and then we signed up for a winter/spring CSA and had too many other veggies to use up, to justify buying sprouts at the grocer. This weekend, they finally came in the CSA, and we had company who would gladly help taste-test the recipe, so I was pretty quick to get all of the needed banh mi fixin’s.

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Harvest Carrot and Ginger Hummus

Harvest Carrot and Ginger Hummus | Delectable Asian fusion hummus recipe made with sweet roasted carrots, fresh ginger, and classic hummus ingredients.

Tribe Hummus often knocks it out of the park with their creative hummus flavors, and there is a fabulous Harvest Carrot and Ginger hummus in their new (ish) Farmers Market line. Sometimes if hummus goes on sale at the store I’ll grab a couple so that I can get new flavor inspiration and have a tub of tasty emergency calories in the fridge. And I was absolutely in love with the carrot & ginger hummus immediately when I tried it.

(When I shared my maple tahini millet granola and said that it was replacing a lost hummus recipe, this was that recipe. Which gave me an excellent excuse to make it for a fourth (!) time.)

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